journal addict

i started journaling in my junior year of high school, and in the six years since, i have filled up twenty-five journals. i love having a place i can unload all the things going on in my brain so i can organize and analyze and evaluate my thoughts.

hawaiian haole

i served in the hawaii honolulu mission. i spent twelve months on the island of o’ahu and six months on the island of maui. i miss everything about it, and someday i’ll go back for snorkeling and eating ridiculous amounts of spam musubi from 7-eleven.

halle the galaxy

a self-assigned nickname usually used only for internet account usernames. i am fascinated and smitten by anything space-related, and my dream is to be an astronaut, the first woman on the moon, and the first person on mars.

amateur artist

i love all art. well, i love most art. i also love creating art, but i rarely have the patience to develop my talents in any one medium, because i am not a fan of the “practice” phase: i want to be good at it right away. i’m working on taking time to improve my skills without being so quickly discouraged.

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